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Current Personal Projects

I've created a new home for my personal projects, it is at

Now that I have more time on my hand, I quite sure I'll be adding more and more to appify. Subscribe to my blog to keep up to date and get all the info as I release my projects.

Corporate Gig
  • Goldenbird by BLUE BIRD, PT TBK (2018-2019)

    An app for their corporate branch by premier taxi service provider in Indonesia. Literally just an app to book a car, with custom branding for their corporate clients.

  • IDSmed (2016)

    E-commerce app for medical devices. This was a project that's started when I was in Allega, the owner is actually one of Allega investor. It was half done when Allega went belly up, So he contracted us to continue working on it.

  • I've made many apps / prototypes during my relatively short stint at PT Allega Tunas Karsa (2015-2016), including;

    • Ottix: live streaming TV channels over IP
    • Beaconry: using BLE beacon to triangulate user's location. It was a prototype app for a local museum in Jakarta, the aim was to make a museum guide app that knows where the visitors are and what are they looking at.
  • Move by Philip Morris International Management SA (2015)

    They've taken down the app, it was a marketing campaign for Marlboro. You collect points by completing simple tasks, like taking photos of your lighter, scanning hidden QR code in a bar, etc. Then you can exchange those points into jackets, caps, or gadgets.

  • Garda Mobile - Medcare by PT. Asuransi Astra Buana (2015)

    Similar with Otocare, but this one is for health insurance. Both app actually started together, but I took over the app halfway through cause the dev literally gave-up.

  • Garda Mobile - Otocare by PT. Asuransi Astra Buana (2014-2015)

    An app to keep track of your car insurance with Asuransi Astra Buana. We can post an insurance claim, along some extra bells and whistles.

Past Personal Projects


  • NotesFly (Universal + OS X Widget)

    I feel like plenty of app developers will have their own take on note taking apps, but this was made when iOS native was shit. I've even made a widget for Windows 8 (I think it was 8 when I worked on this app) and a blackberry app. No Android for some reason.

    I also have another note taking app I called "Note Number One". The idea was having a single text area that syncs everywhere. I even tried to sync where the cursor was last placed. This was around the time of Google Wave (member Gwave?), the multi-user document collab that birthed the idea of cursor syncing.

  • SModcast·On·Demand (iPhone)

    The very first app that I've made (original release was built with Titanium Appcelerator), which would make this the very app that made me an iOS Developer. This is also the very last of my personal app that I supported. It's the only one that actually made a bit more money that what was needed for it to keep going.

    But with time, I have to stop selling it. I no longer had the time to keep the updating the app, while keep taking money from new users. Also, with current choices of great free app to listen to podcasts, this app is no longer needed.

Mac OS X

  • RunJSRun

    A simple tool for me to test my JS script without uploading anything. This was before jsfiddle, or at least I haven't heard of them.

  • SimpleWall

    Another simple tool to change my laptop / desktop wallpaper. I have since change to a flat black wallpaper for awhile now. It's super hard to keep working on an app that I no longer use myself.

  • iiNet Usage (Widget)

    Well, iiNet was my ISP when I live in Melbourne, Australia. I love Mac's dashboard widgets, I also made a widget for NotesFly. But it seems that Apple doesn't share my love, I bet many have forgotten to even how to get access to their widgets. And many more new Mac users that never even launch

I have many more that's either never see the light of day, or some browser extensions that's just linked to 404 now. And there are a few more in my backlog (so to speak). Hopefully I manage to put another section on this page, like "current personal project" section.

From my personal projects, you can see that I'm a subscriber to the thinking that apps should do one thing and does it really well. Growing up, Winamp 3 and WinZip, are the kind of software that shape me as a programmer.